Bypass iCloud activation lock tutorial

Don’t know the best way to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone/iPad and seeking for simple & quick ways to repair it? This guide will give you 2 simple and easy reliable solutions to assist you to remove iCloud lock quickly.

iCloud activation lock is a feature included in Find My iPhone function. Once you enabled Find My iPhone on your own iDevice, the password will be required all the time when others looking to turn off your Find My iPhone function, erase your data, or reactivate and rehearse your iDevice. That?s to say, iCloud activation lock is designed to prevent your personal stuff on your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple Watch from revealing if it’s in the wrong hands.

But if you brought a second hand iPhone/iPad with Find My iPhone enabled for the iDevice, or you found someone?s lost iPhone/iPad, how may you apply it or have the necessary specifics of the dog owner? At this moment, the only solution is to bypass iCloud activation lock. And throughout this post, we’re going to share you two simple and easy methods to allow you to quickly take away the iCloud lock

Step 1. Restart your iDevice and judge your country & language > Enter the new DNS server as:

Step 2. Tap back > Connect to your Wi-Fi network > Done > Activation help. Once you logged in, a communication will point out that you’ve got successfully linked to my server.

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